What is yoga?

The word itself derives from the sanskrit root 'yuj' - which means to 'join' or to 'yoke'. By definition - it's an ancient discipline of physical exercises and self–study uniting the body, the mind and the spirit.

But – what IS yoga?

It's about coming out of the thinking mind and releasing into the body. It's about making space within. It's about strengthening and lengthening. It's about trusting. It's about feeling. It's about connecting. It's about listening and really hearing. It's about finding comfort in discomfort. It's about letting go. It's about stillness and motion. It's about breathing – inhaling and exhaling.  It's about community and individuality. It's about simplicity and complexity. It's about duality. It's about gratitude. It's about grace. It's about 'being' and 'living' and 'seeing'.               

It's about truly..madly..deeply trusting the process of personal transformation and the art of becoming.

It encompasses everything and all.

Yoga is a discipline. It's a practice. It's an art.

The practice of yoga is about the journey inwards. Of the self. Through the self. To the self.

What is yoga?

It's the study of you.