What is practice?

Practice is defined as an exercise or activity that's repeated routinely and regularly for the purpose of acquiring or increasing proficiency of a new skill. It's a daily habit. It's a personal journey of turning inwards - beyond the five senses, the mind and the intellect to connect with our soul.

But – what IS practice?

It's about discipline. It's about showing up. It's about making time and space. It's about releasing perfection. It's about getting centered. It's about cultivating presence and awareness. It's about beginning. It's about trusting. It's about letting go of outcome. It's about feeling. It's about connecting. It's about listening and really hearing. It's about finding comfort in discomfort. It's about getting still and it's about moving forward. It's about breathing – inhaling and exhaling. It's about simplicity and complexity.  It's about gratitude. It's about grace. It's about 'being' and 'living' and 'seeing'.    

It's about knowing that the heart of the journey is right there in the middle of the muddle.

It's about truly..madly..deeply trusting the process.

Practice is a discipline. It's yoga. It's creatitivy. It's art.

What is yoga?

It's the study of you.

What is creativity?

It's an expression of you.

What is practice?

It's the daily disipline of becoming.